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Transformation to a Demand Driven supply chain is not just about implementing some IT or changing a planning tool.  Demand Driven can touch all functions along and across a supply chain and organisation. Unlike many silo or functional projects demand driven is truly an end-to-end opportunity.

Decades of behaviours, habits and beliefs have been embedded along with the traditional forecast driven MRP tools.  It’s time to unlearn many of those habits and learn a new and simplified way to drive your business.  This means adopting new ways of working, different ways to measure success and new skills to extract the full benefits available.

The scale of benefits can be very significant, and it can be very tempting to simply rush into a system deployment to get at the prize. This brings a level of risk that we believe is totally unnecessary and avoidable.

At SmartChain we firmly believe that a robust change management approach is the only way to accelerate transformation and secure maximum benefits in a rapid and sustainable way.

We have a robust TRANSFORMATION roadmap

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We have the critical experience and skills along with well proven methods, materials and tools to support our clients from initial concepts and education, program design and management and to on-site training and deployment support. 

Our goals are your goals - sustainable delivery of significant value with minimum risk and maximum ROI.

Our approach benefits from the real-world experiences of both the earliest implementations and the world’s largest global transformation so far.  We focus on all aspects of change management in a way that blends text-book theory with the real-world demands of modern supply chains.

If transformation to demand driven is becoming a key part of your business strategy and you would like to know how we can support you then let’s talk.