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SMARTCHAIN IS specialized team OF supply chain professionals.


with a strong background in both industry and consulting, we believe that traditional supply chain management methods are outdated and seriously failing industry. We have a proven track record and are uniquely skilled to support sustainable change to deliver real value to the business.


  • Our consultants’ profile combines a strong background in both industry and consulting with 15+ years on average of working experience.

  • Our team has been working together for the past 10 years.

  • Our skillset ranges comprises project management, target operating model design, supply chain planning, lean six-sigma and financial analysis.

  • We have deep experience in delivering supply chain transformational initiatives across several industries.

  • Our clients are multinational companies and our projects have a global reach.

  • SmartChain is the UK and Ireland affiliate for the Demand Driven Institute.

  • Our teams are European based (Switzerland, Belgium, UK and Portugal) and work across several geographies.

  • SmartChain is part of a supply chain planning ecosystem of companies and has a wide pool of resources that work in partnership in a continuous basis.


we entirely focus on the delivery of sustainable value for our clients. we help them understand the root causes of supply chain underperformance and define a transformation strategy and roadmap to improve performance. we have the methods, tools and skills to support our clients from initial concepts to sustainable delivery of value to the business. the cornerstone of our approach is change management and education, which are the keys to success, and believe technology alone isn’t the answer.


At SmartChain, we understand the challenges you face as the scale and complexity of your organisation increases. AT SMARTCHAIN WE BELIEVE...


In People

Our joint teams, working together to share ideas and develop novel solutions, making them a reality and ensuring success.

Creativity matters

We encourage you to be creative, to explore and experiment, to reject the status-quo and to ask the question: "Why not?" 


One size does not fit all

We believe that each organization is unique. We tailor our solutions to fit your requirements delivering the right solution to your business needs.


Solutions that work

We see things though to the last step of the transformation journey - from defining to implementing a sustainable solution.