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Discovery Sessions

Discovery Sessions are designed to provide a safe and enlightening environment for business leaders and SME’s to explore the fundamentals of demand driven supply and how they address the challenges in today’s supply chain.

Education and exploration are the key first steps in understanding what demand driven is and how to evaluate its effectiveness in a specific business. 

SmartChain have a wealth of real-world experience and knowledge to support the thought-leadership and answer the questions that are typical in this early discovery phase.


We offer both ½ day and full day on-site options to support both small/medium complexity business and potentially complex multinational or global organisations.

Discovery Sessions can be booked in combination with smartgame or DDBrix (Available soon) game sessions


Book half or full day discovery sessions (With or without GAMES)

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Experience through an exciting gaming experience how decoupling and buffering using DDMRP will completely eliminate the bullwhip effect in a vertically integrated supply chain.

smartgame can be booked as part of a full day discovery session


coming soon…


Play with Lego bricks to see first-hand how DDMRP buffers optimise the flow of both materials and information.

Observe how demand-driven planning and execution will increase order fulfilment, stabilise production, reduce working capital and alleviate stress.

Involve people from Finance, Marketing, Sales, Production, Planning and Quality to start breaking down silos, promoting teamwork and getting everyone in the company thinking about FLOW.

Refresh your existing knowledge of DDMRP while playing and having fun!





SmartChain is a DDI affiliate since 2014. We have one accredited DDP Instructor and one accredited DDL Master Instructor and DDP Master Instructor. We do open DDP and DDL classes in UK, Ireland and Switzerland and we can offer in-house classes for your organisation anywhere in the world.

For more information please contact us.

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Demand Driven Leader (DDL)

DDL 1910CH | ZUG | 17-18 OCT 2019

Demand Driven Planner (DDP)

DDP 1910CH | ZUG | 24-25 OCT 2019


Capability and maturity assessments

from current to future state





“As a matter of fact, I believe that DDMRP is the most important innovation to Supply Chain management that I have seen in the last 55 years.”

Dick Ling, creator of S&OP

Source: Adapted from Demand Driven Institute & Richard C. Ling Inc. - all rights reserved. Used with permission.


Continuous Improvement 

A Business Strategy Driven Cycle